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Sheep Tales

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20th August 2008

8:03pm: Whitby in October....
So, I bought my Whitby Spa ticket and now all I have to do is get a room and somehow get to Whitby. Nothing could be simpler....

Who else is going? Anyone? I had such a great time meeting people at the last one I hope I see some of you again!
Current Mood: Daunted

4th November 2004

5:49pm: So much to do...
Work really puts a kink in your life. There are so many things I wanted to put in this journal and here I am sitting at work *again*.

Aynie went to NOLA for me (thanks Aynie!) which saved me b/c I couldn't take the time off of work after taking time off for my grandpa's funeral.

Now that we are DONE with shows this year, maybe I can focus more on getting the site updated, getting some Ebay auctions going, and doing fun things like this journal...maybe... 8^)

Grr - back to work...

OH! And I promse to get the photoshoot photos up this weekend! I got them from Intimidation factory last week and haven't had time... promise!
Current Mood: restless

19th September 2004

12:08pm: Photo shoot *done*
I actually got most of the new sets done in time for the shoot. I couldn't have done it with out the help of several friends and by getting about 5 hours of sleep a night this week - and got 3 hours Friday night, but it's *done*. LilMizscareall got her falls delivered Friday night as well. She must have been making them while driving a carriage... but we got them done!

The photographer started shooting at 1:30 or so and we all had to be out of the garage by 4. He said he got around 300 pix in that time and that the shoot went really well. I was getting hair on and off of models as fast as I could which allowed him to keep shooting pretty much non stop. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for the photos to come out to see what they looked like - I was too busy to see at the time.

Culbertsons has some of the coolest cheesecake original photography (most signed!) on his walls and even the *phone* sported a cool flame paint job. Add to all the vintage auto-splendor an amazing disembowelled ghoul statue tucked up by the ceiling in a corner, and we thought we'd gone to photgraphy heaven.

Everyone was great, and with 4 models, I didn't have to model myself (yay) even though I came dressed for it just in case we ended up with too few.

Even the two guys (one who worked at the garage and the car owner) were cool. They didn't seem to mind waiting around while goth chix draped themselves in and on the car and the garage. Wonder if any of *these* photos will make it up in their cheesecake gallery? Heh.

We were setting up out front and watching the cars slow down as they drove by was kinda funny too...

I really think we need to do this again in March or early April to post in time for CXI.... only next time I really want the 1930's Ford truck in the shoot! - with the ghoul driving. There's *gotta* be a way to get him down from the ceiling.

14th September 2004

6:04pm: Nuthin' to do on Saturday night
Well, earlier this week I tried to post a scintillating account of my first experience with the Kings of Nuthin' from Boston, MA. Sadly, it was lost in the ether when my attempt to update crapped out. After the *second* attempt to post was also lost... (hey, I was tired and forgot *again* to save to notepad!) I called it a night.

The brief third attempt: GO SEE THEM! I have never seen so much come out of a tour van before - an upright piano, and upright bass, tenor and alto saxes, a full drum kit, a guitar and a washboard... plus ound equipment, etc, etc, etc. It was like watching Mary Poppin's satchel get emptied by Boston hooligans...

Then somehow, they got it *all* on the stage of the Mel (the size of maybe 1 1/2 pool tables) and brought the house down... if you like punk, ska, swing, or the early Pogues, ya gotta hear these guys. Of course, knowing my aptitude to be "the last to know" - everyone probably has!
Current Mood: tired
6:02pm: Third attempt to post...testing
This is just to see if this will work this time...
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